KeyME: The Convenient Way to Copy Keys!

Have you ever locked your keys in the car? What about misplaced your house key? If you’re like the rest of us, you have. Multiple times.

There’s an easier solution to your problems than hiring an expensive locksmith or struggling to make a spare key. KeyMe is a convenient way to copy home, office, car keys, and even ID cards! 

A key copying service might not sound special, but what makes KeyMe unique is its app and kiosk services. Read all about the convenience of KeyMe below!  

What is KeyMe? 

To put it simply, KeyMe is a key service that can save you some serious time and money.

KeyMe offers kiosk key copying and locksmith services. These kiosks can be found at a variety of retailers throughout the country and allow you to make a copy of most house and specialty keys on the spot! 

The key service also allows you to copy your RFID (radio frequency identification) to a key fob, access card, or sticker. 

How Does It Work?

When you use a KeyMe kiosk, you’re required to physically scan the key you would like to copy. You can then create a profile on the KeyMe app and save a copy of the scan for future use. If you misplace a key, you can still create a copy using the saved digital scan. 

KeyMe uses 3D imaging to create a perfect copy of your key. It’s actually 10 times more accurate than traditional key copying! 

You can get any standard key, and certain specialty ones, made in just a few minutes. POther specialty keys, such as vehicle fobs, can be shipped directly to your address of choice within three to five days. 

If you’re looking for locksmith services, KeyMe can also connect you with a reliable, affordable locksmith in your area. 

If you aren’t necessarily looking to get a key copied at this moment, it’s still a good idea to visit a KeyMe kiosk! You can scan a key and save a digital copy, all at no cost to you! If you do happen to misplace a key, or decide you want a spare, you can order a copy directly from the app. 

Thanks to KeyMe, misplacing a key is no longer the end of the world. Visit their website for more information!

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