We’d like to introduce you to a fairly new concept in home inspections: Inspections you and your clients can count on.

Too many inspectors and inspection companies in the market say things like, “We’re only there for a snapshot in time”, “We can’t predict the future”, and “Do not call me if you have a problem”. In fact, they don’t just say it, they put it in writing to your client in their inspection agreement. Most of the time it doesn’t matter…until it does.

Our partnership with Residential Warranty Services gives us the opportunity to back every single one of our premium full home inspections with $100,000 worth of warranty coverage. We care about you and your clients and we strive to deliver solutions – not excuses. We offer the best inspection with the best coverage around including mechanical issues, structural issues, sewer lines, mold, and of course our full five years of roof leak protection coverage for every one of your clients you refer to us.

The best agent plus the best home inspection company equals the best client experiences. Don’t ever settle for less.

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