A Realtor’s Guide to Video Marketing!

Videos aren’t exactly new to the marketing world, but what is new is just how important they’ve become. Videos perform well on nearly every platform, meaning they should be central to your marketing plan. 

Why is video marketing so effective? For starters, your viewers want to see videos; they’re actually the preferred content for brands. But videos are more than just entertainment. They’re an effective way to generate leads, increase conversion rates, and help customers make buying decisions.

If you haven’t yet utilized video content, there is no better time to start. Check out the many different types of videos you can introduce to your real estate marketing strategy!

  1. Brand Videos

A brand video may showcase your business’s vision, products, or services. The goal of brand videos is to build awareness around a company. If your real estate business is fairly new or not well known, you would greatly benefit from creating brand videos. 

  1. Event Videos

Event videos may consist of highlights from conferences, fundraisers, or any other event your real estate business hosts. These videos are great for generating community excitement! 

  1. Educational Videos

Educational or how-to videos teach your audience something new. They lay the foundational knowledge so your customers can better understand your services. For example, an educational real estate video might cover the best time of year to list your home, or the steps of the homebuying process.  

  1. Listing Videos

A real estate listing that includes video content automatically gets more inquiries than those without. Go the extra mile! You can easily shoot quality videos right from your smartphone. 

  1. Customer Testimonial Videos

Prove you’re just the right realtor for the job by asking your satisfied, loyal customers to give testimonials. Ask them to describe how your services helped them during the stressful home buying process. They are your best advocates! 

  1. Community Videos

Community videos are a great way to highlight your business’s hometown while simultaneously reaching a valuable audience. Show that you appreciate your community and everyone in it! Consider filming local events or interviewing people around town. Highlight some part of the community you’re passionate about! 

Original video content might be just the thing your business needs! Video marketing can help you to reach a larger audience, raise brand awareness, and improve your online presence! If you’re at all involved in the real estate industry, you know just how big it is right now. Take that extra step to shoot some quality videos, and you’ll be well on your way to standing out from the competition! 

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