Are You a Good Neighbor?

We know it’s important to love thy neighbor, but do you ever stop to consider if thy neighbor loves thee back? It is an inevitable fact of life that no matter where you are, you are going to have to interact with other people. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, human interaction shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but rather a responsibility. It’s important to be cognizant of how we treat other people in any role in our lives, but especially in the role of “neighbor.”

Below are 4 “Golden Rules” of communication and interaction that will undoubtedly make you the best neighbor on the block!

  1.    Communication is Key

It could be argued that any conflict in the world escalated because of a lack of communication. It is pivotal that you talk to your neighbors and interact with them to establish a good relationship and mutual respect. Communication helps us be more empathetic; when we have some sort of interaction to associate with someone, we better understand them, and we want to assist them. To add, friendships often come from the most unlikely outlets; so your neighbor could be your potential, future best friend!

Even if your neighbor isn’t your future BFF, there are cardinal rules of communication you should follow. If you are going to throw a wild 4th of July bash at your house, tell your neighbors so they aren’t put off by your loud music or abundance of fireworks. It also would be a good idea to exchange phone numbers with neighbors in case of emergencies. To add, it never hurt someone to be friendly, even if you are not friends. Say hello, and greet your neighbors. Small acts go far and being warm and sociable will certainly help you be a better neighbor.

  1.    All Doors Open for Courtesy

Kindness is key in any situation, but when it comes to interacting with neighbors it is pivotal. If you live in a residential area, just be courteous. It is that simple. If you haven’t mowed your lawn in 4 months because you can’t find the motivation, maybe take your neighbors into consideration and mow it for their sake.

Take the time to learn your neighbors’ names and address them directly. If someone new moves in, maybe take them cookies. If the wrong mail gets delivered to your house, return it to the correct recipient. Small details like this will make your neighbors feel respected, and in turn, they will respect you.  

  1.    Be Yourself: Everyone Else is Already Taken

We’ve talked a lot about other people and what best suits them, but it is also important that in any endeavor in life, you remain true to yourself. Authenticity is paramount for a fulfilling life, and it’s also important when interacting with strangers. People will respect and enjoy you much more if you are authentic and transparent. Don’t try and put on a façade with your neighbors. Your house is your home and you should be most yourself and relaxed when you are at home, so allow yourself to be the same way around your neighbors.

  1.    Do Unto Others…

Ultimately everything we are articulating can be summed up the universal golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Be empathetic towards your neighbors. Some of them work the night shift; some of them have newborn babies. Everyone is in a different spot in life and it’s important to put yourself in their shoes before feeling frustrated or judgmental.

If you see your neighbor struggling, help them out! Maybe you know more about landscaping then they do! That’s great! Offer them advice in a warm and inviting manner. Do you have elderly neighbors? Help them take their trash to the curb! Talk to them; ask them how they are. No matter which neighbor you are interacting with, in any stage of your life, keeping this golden rule in mind will make your life, and the lives of others, better.

Keeping these 4 rules in mind will absolutely help you be a good neighbor, and if you have any neighbors in need of a home inspection, then be the zenith of neighbors and recommend LESA Inspections!

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