Marketing Tip: My Neighbourhood Agent

Print and direct mail marketing may seem old fashioned to some, especially with all the technology we have today. However, it is still a powerful tool that can make a difference for your business, and My Neighborhood Agent makes it easy.

What It Does

My Neighborhood Agent is a website that specializes in print marketing. Their products include high quality postcards, flyers, and pocket flyers. Director of Sales at Elite Group Home Inspection, Josh Niehaus, is a fan of the company, saying that it is the only resources he has found to send postcards to renters.

How To Use It

My Neighborhood Agent offers a variety of professional and eye catching templates that are already designed and easy to customize for your business. You can edit the prewritten text and upload your own pictures to make them specific and completely your own. After you’ve customized your postcard or flyer, they will be shipped to you or even directly to your clients.

Why Print Marketing?

In today’s digital age, it can be exciting to get real mail that isn’t a bill. Niehaus says postcards are, “a great tool to target first time home buyers that are renting.” He goes on to add, “you can send them postcards and not get kicked out of apartment complexes for door knocking.” This is a smart and easy way to gain the interest of new clients.

Getting a postcard in the mail is much more personal than seeing a commercial or even receiving an email. It’s a gesture that shows the client you care enough to physically send them something. Plus, it makes you stand out, and it’s something buyers will have in their possession to remember you by.

For more information about My Neighbourhood Agent’s products, services, and pricing, check out their website.

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