Getting Over the Dream Home that Got Away

Missing out on a home you had your heart set on can feel like such a loss. You might find yourself imagining your family living there or comparing all other houses to it. Even though it may seem like you will never find a home that will live up to this one, there are ways to move on from feeling discouraged and lost.

It’s Okay to be Disappointed

Don’t feel bad or silly mourning the loss of a potential house. Missing a chance at getting your dream home is tough, and letting yourself feel whatever emotions you are going through is a part of the process. Just try not to wallow in depression for too long.

Coming to Terms

While it’s good to let yourself feel, you will also come to terms with the fact that the house is gone, and there is no getting it back. Don’t punish yourself by hanging on to the idea of living in that specific house. Take a break from obsessing over the home and constantly checking listings to clear your head. 

Get Back Out There

After you’ve mourned the house that got away, don’t be afraid to go back to house hunting. You could start small by checking out houses online or dropping by an open house. Look at this as an opportunity to find your next dream home. 

Learn From It

Even though you didn’t get the house, you can still take something from the experience. Like any mistake or setback in life, this is an opportunity to reflect and figure out what you can do differently the next time.

This also gives you the chance to get a better understanding of what you want in a home. Maybe the house you wanted had french doors in the master bedroom, and now that’s something you’d like to explore. On the other hand, maybe its backyard was a bit smaller than you wanted, but you now realize that’s a compromise you can make for the right house.

Once you do finally find and buy your dream home, let the professionals at LESA Inspections handle all of your home inspection needs, while you focus on making your new house a home.

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